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The Picts loved music, and could play instruments including harps, drums, flutes and horns.

Angus Pictish Trail Guide

Pictavia is only the start of your journey through Angus' Pictish past - why not download the Pictish Trail Guide below, and use it to explore other Pictish sites in the area?

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Angus: Scotland’s Birthplace

Map of AngusPictavia is located in Angus, just outside the historic town of Brechin. Adjacent to Pictavia is the Brechin Castle Centre, whose facilities include a restaurant, country park and retail outlet.

Angus is acknowledged as one of the key centres of Pictish life in the first millenium, thanks to the relative wealth of archaeological evidence found locally. In particular, a large number of Pictish stones have been found in Angus which are famed for the remarkable quality of their carvings. Meigle and St Vigeans are both home to important collections of Pictish stones, while a cross slab from the village of Aberlemno is considered one of the finest early medieval stone carvings in Europe.

It is also widely believed that the Battle of Dunnichen took place on and around Dunnichen Hill, just outside the Angus village of Letham. This battle is one of the most important dates in Scottish history, as the Pictish victory finally halted Northumbrian expansion in Scotland and created the foundations for Scotland as we know it to eventually form.

angus-1The Angus Pictish Trail Guide provides an informative guide to many of the key Pictish sites in Angus. This leaflet is available in paper form at Pictavia, or can be downloaded here: Pictish Trail Leaflet.

However, a journey through the Pictish kingdom is only the start of Angus’ story. The county is steeped in rich and exciting history, and is home to a vast number of museums, castles and historic sites and attractions. For more details of history, genealogy and culture in Angus, please see the Angus Ahead website.