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Did You Know?

The Picts get their name from the Romans, who called them Picti - meaning "The Painted People" in Latin.

Angus Pictish Trail Guide

Pictavia is only the start of your journey through Angus' Pictish past - why not download the Pictish Trail Guide below, and use it to explore other Pictish sites in the area?

Download the Pictish Trail Leaflet

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Gordon Anthony visits Pictavia

Gordon Anthony, author of "In the Shadow of the Wall", will be dropping by at 2pm on Sunday 8th August. Gordon will give a short talk discussing the research behind his book, his interest in the Picts, and the challenges of writing a successful historical novel. He will also be happy to take questions from visitors and sign copies of his book, which will be available for sale on the day.

Published last year, "In the Shadow of the Wall" follows the story of Brude, a young Pictish warrior who leaves his home to join a raid on the Roman province beyond the wall. Captured
after a disastrous battle and trained as a gladiator, he eventually wins his freedom and returns home. There, he discovers that much has changed, and life is suddenly every bit as dangerous as in the arena.

Places for Gordon's talk will be limited, so pre-booking is recommended. For more information, call us on 01356 626241.